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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Important news for college students, all private-government universities in Gujarat will take the exam

All schools and colleges in Gujarat are closed amid the Corona riots.  It has come up with important news for college students.  Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama has announced that the examination will be conducted for all government and private universities in the state.  The guidelines for taking the exam in all the private and government universities of the state will be announced by the state government.

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The announcement was made by Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama at a video meeting of the state government and private universities in relation to Covid 19 to seek the protection needed from democracy and corona.  In which Bhupendra Singh said that the Human Resources Ministry of the Government of India has set up a taskforce to set guidelines for conducting university examinations.  As per his guidance, proceeding with regard to examination.  Appealed to send prompt instructions on how to conduct the annual examination for college students.

 Regarding Corona, the Education Minister said that Corona has changed the system of affairs and administration in the world.  Now the way of life and lifestyle will also have to change.  Previous disasters were visual disasters, despite the calamities disappearing, the people and the administration of the entire country and our state are boldly facing.  This is a challenging time.  The Education Minister called upon the Chancellor to conduct a university course that would provide public awareness, training, education and guidance to meet any kind of calamity in the future.

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