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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Whatsapp new Features Upcoming 2019

Whatsapp new Features Upcoming 2019

Now no one else can open your WhatsApp, new feature is coming for the security
Instant messaging app has been receiving reports of receiving fingerprint authentication on WattsApp for a few days. Now almost has been confirmed that fingerprint authentication will be provided in WhatsApp. According to a WAbetainfo report, WhatsApp has submitted a new update by the Google Play Beta Program, which has been included in this feature.
According to a report by WABetalnfo, WhatsApp Beta, Android 2.19.3, has been updated. The new online authentication feature for Android users came out. The report also stated that iOS is working on integrating Face ID and Touch IDs for WhatsApp users, which will be available shortly. Whatsapp has started working on fingerprint authentication for OAS.
On the other hand, if WhatsApp users can not identify the fingerprint, then you can also open the app using your phone's credentials. Currently WhatsApp's new feature is in the development alpha stage. After Android 2.19.3 update, WhatsApp Beta will come with a better audio picker. In which the user can preview the audio file before sending it.
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