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Sunday, 16 December 2018

give up your mobile phone for a year and earn a chance to win 71 lakh here is how you can apply

give up your mobile phone for a year and earn a chance to win 71 lakh here is how you can apply

Smartphone habit has become a problem for the whole world. Everyone has been able to get rid of it. However, you have ever thought that you can get millions of rupees for leaving the phone. The company, Vitamin Water, is giving $ 1 million (about 71 lakh rupees) to the phone number for one year.
Coca-Cola-owned company Vitamin Water does not have any interaction with the smartphone, but the company has targeted smartphone users for its marketing campaign.
The company has said that if they leave their smartphones for a year, they will get Rs 71 lakh.
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The main thing behind this is to know if someone can live without a phone or not. The company will do a Lie Detector test to know this and check whether you have used the phone or not. If you get caught using a phone, you will be dropped out of this competition. No legal process will be used in this, so you do not have to worry.
In such a way can apply
To participate in this competition you can participate by Twitter or Instagram. You need to post your post by typing #nophoneforayear and #contest for this. Vitamin Water will be informed about your participation in the competition. With this you will also have to show why you are leaving the phone and how to use his free time.
If you want to participate, you will have to apply before 8 January 2019. Vitamin Water will finalize the entry till 22 January 2019. The people who will be selected in it will be contacted through a social media account. With this you will have to sign a contract that you will not use the phone for a year. However desktop and laptop can be used. The company says that if a person remains without a phone for only 6 months, then he will get Rs. 71 lakhs.

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