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Saturday, 13 January 2018

News needed for those who use WhatsApp, this will increase the strength of the admin

News needed for those who use WhatsApp, this will increase the strength of the admin
If you are connected to a WhatsApp group and you are its administrator, then this news is for you. Instant Messaging App Whatsapp is constantly upgrading itself and adding new features. In the past, Instagram 'Stories' was launched to share directly on Whatsapp status. Now news is that Whatsapp Group is testing a new button in chat, through which an admin will be able to 'demote' or 'demise' another admin. That is, the second will remain in the admin group, but he will not have any power.
Testing on the iOS App
Through this it would be possible to do the same without deleting the other admin from the group. This will also keep them in the group and they will not even need to re-join as common group members. Whatsapp is testing this feature on Android (beta v 2.18.12) and iOS app. At the moment, when an administrator wants to snatch this power from his partner, he has to first remove that user from the group. After this, it is necessary to re-add it to be included in the group.
But with new features, the admin power can be withdrawn without removing that user from the group. According to WABetaInfo, a fan first saw the new Whatsapp feature. The new option is present in the Group Info section. You can easily access the Group Info section by clicking on the three dot in the top right of a group chat. In Group Info, you will see the option of dismissing an admin as an administrator for a non-group.
Will soon come for Android users
It was also reported in the report that Whatsapp is currently working on this feature for iOS. It will be made available to Android users soon. It is worth noting that the new feature is available as the default in the Whatsapp Android app's latest Beta app 2.18.12. This feature of Whatsapp has been called 'Dismiss as Admin'
Recently, there were reports that a person holding control on the WhatsApp server can add anyone to the group without permission of the group administrator. However, Whatsapp rejected this report and said that it is not possible to add anyone without the permission of the administrator and he is seriously considering this issue.

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