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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Vodafone Brings Unique Stories for Children on Children day 2017

Vodafone Brings Unique Stories for Children on Children day
This Children's Day is going to get such gifts from children of entire India which they have never met before today. For example, an elderly woman who tells the story of the cheetah, the rook of someone's life and the rabbit to solve the difficulties and similar stories. Vodafone has brought a unique gift of stories to children from all over the country.
Stories play an important role in the lives of children. The future of our country, that is, has a profound effect on the lives of our children. Without the stories we can not imagine childhood But the story of story telling in Bhagdaur is going unnoticed. Due to the increasing trend of single families, today's children have been deprived of stories being told by grandparents. This idea came from Long Term Agency Partner Maxus (now Wavamaker) and O & M from Vodafone Contest Day organized last year.
Vodafone's network and video calling feature these storytellers were added live with schoolchildren all over the country. Who told beautiful stories to children During this, digital video was created with the help of hidden cameras. In this way Vodafone delivered its unique offering to children through audition, training and live performance through video call. On the occasion of Children's Day these videos were released on YouTube with the Movement #GiftAStory.
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