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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

DB Survey: 40% of Gujarat's people do not have the effect of GST-note-offs

DB Survey: 40% of Gujarat's people do not have the effect of GST-note-offs
Despite the introduction of new faces in Gujarat politics, the main battle is between the BJP and the Congress. This was revealed in Dainik Bhaskar's survey conducted in Gujarat from November 1 to 10. Even though polarization of the castes is visible, but the voter party and the candidate will vote only by keeping in mind, it is also decided. Issues like GST-note-making will be dominant in elections. In the survey, 85 thousand people participated in the website, through the Misdok service and Newspaper.

Notebook-GST :

In the opinion of 34%, there will be effect of GST and note-taking. This is in discussion by the Congress on the charge of BJP on the issue of GST-note-book.

The result of the survey: In spite of many arguments in favor of the GST-note-taking by BJP, it will be effective in most people's opinion, while in 26% opinion there will be no special effect.

Factor of racism :

- 61% of the people will not vote because of the candidacy of the candidate.
- In the opinion of 65%, the results of the election of Hardik, Alappa or Jignesh will not be affected.
The result of the survey: For the first time, the issue of casteism has arisen in the Gujarat assembly election. Most people said that they will vote after seeing the party. Patidar too is in favor of giving a chance to the BJP.

Anti incubation :

- In the opinion of 22% of the government's wavering policy of prohibition.
- 18.40% people are angry with the Government on fee regulation, 18% do not have employment in the opinion.
Result of Survey: The issue of anti incumbency is showing for the first time in the last 5 elections. More than 18% people expressed resentment over the issue of new jobs.

Soft Hindutva :

- In 55% opinion, Rahul will not get the benefit of going to the temples. For the first time, the Congress Vice President visited the temples of Gujarat and made a visit.

The result of the survey: Rahul's new policy, identified by the name of soft Hindutva, does not seem to be of any benefit to the Congress. At the same time, 20% believe that this policy can be beneficial for the Congress.

Modi's influence after becoming PM :

- 45% believe that after Modi's departure from Gujarat, there is mixed effect.
- In the opinion of 55%, the situation was similar, it is the same.
- 44.34% people believe that Modi has changed after becoming PM.
- 30.31% people say that the situation is worse.

Which team chance? :

- 62.32% of the people said that the BJP will get a chance again.
- 30.76% said that they will accompany the Congress.
- say 6.92% - choose the third option.
'Vikal got mad' v / s 'I am development'
- 27.15%: The development became crazy
- 61.51%: I am in development with
- 11.34%: Can not say.

Patdi Factor :

- 63% Patidar ready to give chance to BJP.
- 31% of the party in favor of going with Congress
(The respondents have expressed displeasure with the government on the issue of alleged repression on the Patidars)

How many points from 10 out of the government to the Rupani Government? :

- 31% of the people gave 10 of 10 marks to the Government.
- 60% gave 8-10 marks to the government and only about 28% gave only one to 4 marks.
- 21.30% giving a mark
- 6.67% giving five marks.
- 10.81% giving out 8 marks out of 10

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