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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

You can Make Bigger Icons On Smart phone


 You can Make Bigger Icons On Smartphone 

There is also a trick attached to a Smartphone that allows the user to maximize the desire for the installer's icon in the phone. This trick is for users who have bought a new smartphone, or whose phone's screen is small. Especially the people whose phone's screen is small, the apps icon also looks smaller. Because of this, sometimes they are accidentally touched on other icons. This trick can be very useful for you.

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Free Android App Will Work

Users can do Apps to Maximize Icon from the Free Android App Giganticon Big Icons. The size of this app is less than 4MB, which means that there will be no problem with memory. The app has been installed 5 million times so far. Also, the version of Android can be installed on all versions 2.2 and above

Download Giganticon - Big Icons :

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