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Thursday, 14 September 2017

WhatsApp is a New Feature that has been Waiting for years

There is a feature that will prove to be a lot of work in WhatsApp. This feature is of the recall. I.e. can edit or delete sent messages. This feature has been given earlier in some secure messaging applications.

WhatsApp is a New Feature that has been Waiting for years

According to WhatsApp's Beta Info report, a feature will be provided for iOS shortly after which the receiver will also be deleted from the sender's message. Not only this, it will also be removed from the Notification Center.

Last month too there was a report that it was being tested. But now it is almost clear that this feature named Unsend will soon be released for all customers.

A tweet made from WhatsAppSet beta Info Twitter handle says that the server is now working and it successfully records the message. It will be enabled remotely later. It can be given to users soon.

Let you know that What's Beta Info is not the official handle of Whatsapp, Blick has leaked news related to whatsapp, which is given for testing in beta version.
Talk about self-destruct, even before this, there is this feature in telegram-like app. However, this is different from what's happening in What'sSpace. Because here users can set timers. For example, if you have sent a message and want it to remain for only 20 seconds then it will end with itself.

According to the Independent's report, the Whatsapp Unsend feature will work only for 5 minutes. That is, if the message has been sent more than 5 minutes then it will not work. Apart from this, this feature will be applicable not only for text but also for jiffs and photos.

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