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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How to Connect any Device Phone to your Tv


How to Connect any Device Phone to your Tv

Jio Phone means that the Indian smartphone has already sold 60 lakh pre-Books in a single day. It is clear from the figures that the number of Jio users is increasing rapidly. This 4G phone feature makes it special. The country's first 4G network is a feature phone to support. At the same time, users can enjoy online music and videos on this. Not only that, the output of the video can also be taken by connecting this phone to the TV. This is a feature that puts it in the smartphone category.

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The company will also launch a device to connect the phone to the TV. So there are already several hardware in the market that can connect the phone to the TV. Here we are talking about the same device and the process of connecting.
3 types of hardware are working
Any phone and any TV can be connected to each other, the same hardware comes in as it is. This is typically cable. Such as LED or LCD. Cable works out. If a TV is a CRT, then a hardware device is required.

1. Micro USB MHL to HDMI Adapter :

This adapter has a Micro USB and Female HDMI port. This adapter requires a mail HDMI cable to connect the phone and the TV. Micro USB port is mounted on the phone for this. When the adapter's female HDMI port is connected to HDMI cable, and the other connector is plugged into a TV.

2. Micro USB to HDMI cable :

This type of cable has three different ports. There is a Micro USB, another USB and a third HDMI port. This cable allows the phone to connect directly to the TV. The Micro USB port is connected to the phone to connect. When USB is plugged into a TV's female USB port, this is for power. Surplus HDMI port is plugged into the TV's female HDMI port.

3. MHL HDMI To RCA AV Adapter :

This type of adapter is for a TV that has an RCA port. The user must also have an RCA cable to connect to this. RCA connector is in Yellow, Red and Black / White Colors. In this case, connect all ports with the cable according to its color. Now attach micro USB to HDMI cable to adapter and phone.

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