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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Amazon App Treasure Hunt 28-29 September : Find Clue Answers And Get Free Home & Kitchen Products

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Remember Amazon App Treasure Hunt Happened in Last Previous Months . Its Back Again And this Time With More loot And More Fun On Many Products With Amazing Deals For Free On 28th September With New ClueEvery 15 minutes between 3 pm to 6 pm. Find can find all  Updated Clues Answers On this Page Once The treasure hunt Will Go Live On 28th September.

 Amazon App Treasure Hunt Game Clues Answers For 28th September 2017

 Clue 3PM- A Red &Yellow Wrap &Mat For The Beach
Blockbuster Clue :My Job Is To Ensure That The Stream Is Pure

Clue 3:15 PM- Wet &Unclean but Keeps Things Spick &Span

Clue 3:30 PM- Guess Image

Blockbuster Clue : How I wonder what you are –Sanjeev, Tarla, Vika

Clue 3:45 PM- A well known song by Goo Goo Dolls in French lavender

Clue 4:00 PM- I Come With A Matte Finish &My Own Stencil

Blockbuster Clue : Do the job of 3, I am a star. I have a powerful Motor But Am Not A Car

Clue 4:15 PM- An oval &not too thin, use for storage I am a _ _ _

Clue 4:30 PM- Inside a null Set &On your bed.

Blockbuster Clue :Preheat-->Sift-->Combine-->?

Clue 4:45 PM- Not a phone but has a wringer. You can take it for a spin

Clue 5:00 PM- Double the spread, in pink

Blockbuster Clue : My hepa, clears what one must, leaves behind anything but dust.

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