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Saturday, 26 August 2017

With the Help of this app you can also Create Hackers,Malware Ransomware


With the Help of this app you can also Create Hackers,Malware Ransomware

Earlier hacking Android Phones was not easy for cyber criminals. But now there is also an app that enables everyone, anyone, even those who do not know anything about coding, can become hackers is. Not only that, he can build his own customized Android RanSamware. We are going to give you information related to this report through your report.

According to Symantec researchers, you can easily download the free Trojan Development Kit (TDK) app with a simple interface. With this help, anyone can easily make their own RanSamware.
Referring to a report by ZDNet, Principal Threat Analysis Engineer of Siemensech Dinesh Venkatesan said, "The process of making malware's ready-to-use piece is done without writing a single code."
To make this app you will need to fill a form with optimization options to follow some simple instructions and create your own malware. For example, you can opt for a malware display message on the lock screen of the infected device, which is a key key to unlocking the device and the type of animation that can be displayed on the screen.


After filling the form according to its preference, the user can click the Create button and the app developer will need to make a one-time payment. After that the user can distribute the Android device to RanSamware as much as they want. The RanSamware locked by the Trojan development kit locks the device and gives a message display to the victim's mobile screen.

Such tools not only help hackers Hack hackers at the entry level, but rather they spend more time making them as helpful as a Hacker.


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