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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Today users will be in the hands of Jio Phone

JioPhone will be available for user testing in beta mode on the occasion of Independence Day today.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) launched 'JioPhone' as a 4G in-line feature phone in the 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on July 21. The 'Effective Price' of Jio Feature Phone is 0 rupees. But you have to deposit Rs 1,500 which will be recovered three years later. If seen, Reliance Jio's phone will be free in a way. On the same day, i.e., on August 15, it will be available for user testing in beta mode.
Right now, it is time to get this phone pre-booking. On August 24 this phone will come for pre-booking. At the same time, before going to the company's website you can apply for registering this register for the phone. You can get all the latest information about the phone in the coming time. The advantage will be that, when the phone comes for pre-booking, you will receive the message from the company. If you also want to buy Geophon, then all your information on Register Interstitial can follow it only by following a few steps and fill it. Click here for this.
It is a very shocking thing that JioPhone users will be available free of charge. According to Mukesh Ambani according to JioPhone, the price is 0 rupees. Users will have to pay Rs 1500 for this phone, which will be refundable. This will be refunded to users of Rs 1,500 after 3 years. JioPhone will be available to those users who will be pre-booking for September 27.
Offline can do such booking
If you do not have access to the MyJio app then you can pre-book this feature phone offline too. For this you will have to go to any live retailer on August 24. However, even if you book it even before booking, you will still receive this feature phone in September. And these feature phones will be available to you under the "first come first piano" system.
JioPhone Features and Specifications
Jio 4G Feature Phone will support 2 languages. Along with this, it is the cheapest 4G Phone. Some phones like Jio Cinema, Jio TV and Jio Music are already pre-loaded in this phone already. The Jio 4G feature phone has more powerful speakers than the other smartphone. At the same time, panic alert can be activated by pressing number 5. In addition, this feature phone will provide NFC Tech in the coming time. After which it can be linked to the bank. Payments can also be made from this.
There is also Secure Payment Features. This phone has a 2.4-inch QVGA display. In the Jio 4G feature phone, features such as FM radio, SD card slot, torchlight are provided.

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