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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Rules will be issued soon to keep Smartphone Data Safe

Government has Expressed concern over the theft of personal data of users. Regarding the issue, the government can soon issue new security and privacy rules for mobile manufacturers. Cyber Security can introduce new rules in the next few weeks. These rules will be made to protect the users' personal data. Sources said that the case of stealing personal information from mobile devices is very serious and new guidelines will be issued soon.


Threat to user's personal information:

The government is worried about the fact that Internet usage in India is mostly done through mobile devices only. In such a way the devices are one of the main reasons for connecting with the online world. The sources also said that there has been an increase in the cases of hacking and stealing data along with the increase of digital transactions. Tell you that most of the Phones sold in the country are made by Chinese companies. The government feels that such cases can create problems between China and India, and this can leak the user's personal data.

Who will create new rules?

The new Standards will be based on the Recommendations of two high-level committees. IBI will lead a committee in this. Then the other committee will lead the Department of Telecom (DoT). These new rules will be added to the Provisions of the IT Act, which protects the data from theft.


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