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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Jio will Launch free Wi-Fi plan To College Students

Jio's new Launches will now give 30 Million People Free Wi-Fi

Reliance Jio has hit the market as well as other companies have been sleeping, now the company has offered a new plan, under which plans to provide free Wi-Fi to nearly 3 crore students.

Free Wi-Fi
Jio in 38 thousand colleges wants to provide free Wi-Fi in 38 thousand colleges across the country, the company has given this plan to the MHRD Ministry, there will be no charge related to the company ministry in the process of issuing internet.
According to media reports, the first presentation has been done in the ministry, however no final decision has been taken from the ministry yet. The government has also announced to provide free wifi in the college earlier this year.

# Online study can be done online in
college, the goal of providing free Wi-Fi in schools is to make the online education facility accessible to the students. The Ministry has started an online portal in its name, which is being made available to Free Educational Material Students.

Firstly, a telecom company has given its proposal for the
first time, a telecom company has sent a proposal to the government for the first time, but the government wants all to get the right opportunity, so that the tender will be issued. So that the whole process remains fair and transparent. Officially neither company nor government has come up with any statement, but it is likely that this plan will be started this year.

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