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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Government will present cash book for BHIM app users, new version of app will be Launched 2017

On the occasion of Independence Day, the government is preparing to give a gift to Bhima AP users. This benefit will only be available to users who do digital transactions through Bhima App. This is made by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). This app works on Unified Payment Interface i.e. UPI This app was launched to promote digital payments in December after the notebook.

Government will increase the amount of cashback:

NPCI's Managing Director, AP Pee said, "We have informed the government that the cashback amount has to be increased to increase the use of this app by the people. To implement this, we are waiting for the government's approval, which is expected to come by August 15. With this, a new version of Bhima Apes will also be released. "AP Pee said that presently this cashback is given from 10 rupees to 25 rupees. At the same time, if a person repeatedly sends the app to another, then a bonus of 10 rupees is given to him. Along with that, a cashback of Rs 25 is given to the person who is referred.

The new version of Bhima App will be presenting:

AP Pi has also told that the version 1.4 of Bhima Apep is also in the final stage. Under the new version, users can easily make digital payments through the app. In addition, the India Quick Response Code will also be integrated into the app, which is expected to increase the transactions.

If seen, increasing the amount of cashback in Bhim App, the competition between the second payment app in the online market will be even more increased. Companies like PettyM and Phonepe also try to entice customers by paying cashback on payment. 

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