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Sunday, 23 July 2017

trick: to Show your Mobile Number as Private Number

trick: to Show your Mobile Number as Private Number :

Sometimes it is also possible that these people have to make a call. The person you do not know or does not want to give it to your personal number. If you call someone, your mobile number goes to him. After that your number gets leaked and your personal number security becomes low. But there is also a trick that lets you make any call and you will not see your number on the screen of the phone.

The private number will be written only on the phone screen of the call you are making. In this trick, you can block the caller ID and create a private number of your number. With this trick being shown by us, the personal number of your 10-digit personal number will be displayed in the name of calling.

Trick for Android 4.0 and its earlier os
First go to the mobile phone settings and then click on the call-> additional settings-> caller ID-> hyped number option. By doing this, your number will be displayed by the name of the private number.
Trick for Android 4.0 and subsequent OSA users
- First of all, phone on the phone. Then click on the three dots given above. 
- Then go to Coal-> More Settings-> Show My Caller ID and select your own option.

Trick for iPhone users
- Go to iPhone settings and click on the phone icon. Tap the show on my id option and close it. Then your number will be overrated.
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