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Friday, 28 July 2017

Rule Change for Passport 2017

Rule Change for Passport :
It is easier for Indians to make a passport. The government has clarified that there is no necessity for a birth certificate to make a passport. Now support and PAN can be used as proof of birthdate. According to the Passport Rule 1980, those who were born after 26/01/1989 have made it mandatory to submit a birth certificate for a passport. However, now the government has changed this rule. To make passports now, school patterns, metric certificates, PAN cards, support cards, e-support driving licenses, water ID cards and LIC policy bonds will also be valid. Government employees can give their pension and service records. Foreign Minister VK Singh has said that the intention of doing this is to make passports available to millions of people easily.
According to the new rule, persons younger than 8 years of age and 60 years of age will be allowed 10% in the passport fee, along with the applicant can apply only one name for the same applicant. This rule will help the single parent better.
The number of required documents to connect with the passport form has also been increased from 15 to 9. This can also be self-hosted on plain paper and no need for a notice or a working magistrate's sign. The direct meaning of this is that the married couple have become divorced, they do not have to pay a marriage certificate or the name of their husband or wife.

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