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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Reliance Jio Wants to Give Free Wifi

Reliance Jio now wants to offer free Wi-Fi services to the students of the entire country. According to the data, the company has sent a proposal to the Human Resources Development Ministry on this issue. The proposal did not take any decision yet, considering the proposal. However, officials also say that any such proposal will be brought through tender process. Last month the HRD Ministry received the offer. Under the proposal, Reliance Jio spoke about free Wi-Fi connectivity in 38 thousand colleges (technical and non-technical).
The Ministry has received such a proposal for the first time. In these circumstances, the government wants to give equal opportunity to all. According to a source, a source has said that Reliance has not been asked to charge any money for this project, but it can not be approved without giving opportunity to another. A tender for this will be declared so that the entire process becomes transparent.
It is noteworthy that recently Human Resources Development Minister Prakash Javadekar spoke of Wi-Fi loans to 38 universities till August 31.

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