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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Jio Postpaid Users have 5 New and Best Plans

5 new plans for Jio users, double data-validation before that

A few days ago, Jio launched a new plan, with 5 new plans for postpad users. The special feature of this plan is that the users are getting double data and validity in the price of the old plan. This includes plans ranging from Rs 309 to Rs 999. By recharging 399 rupees, you can use 90GB of data for 90 days, it will get 1GB of data daily. There is also a plan of 2GB of data every day.

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Dhan Dhan has been offered a lot of Puri ... The

positive offer of Jio-Dhan Dhan has been completed, this is the same offer that you had spent at Rs 309 in April. There was 1GB of data every day for three months. Now only the free offers are offered to people who received free offerof 303 recharge under the Summer Surprised offer . It also receives 1GB of data every day for three months. This will also be completed in early August. So now it's time to take a new plan again, in this list, you can select the plan according to your needs and recharge this, the users will get more data and validity at the cost of the old plan.

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