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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Big Good Latest News for All Goverment Employees.

Big Good Latest News for All Goverment Employees.

Good News! Union employees in the 7th Pay Commission will be at least 5,400 per Allowance

Friday has published the revised proposal is approved by the Cabinet on June 28, the Ministry of Finance. 7th Pay Commission has recommended changes were implemented in the last one in July. According to research done by the government, federal employees in the form of housing allowance will be paid at least Rs 5,400. After its application will now be a total of Rs 30.748 crore financial burden on the government.

According to a list published by the Ministry of monetary allowance, three slabs of Rs 5,400 per month from the central government employees, to Rs 3,600 per month and 1,800 per month will be given.

In addition, areas in which X, Y, Z, respectively, in classifying employees as per the Union: 27 percent, 18 percent and 9 percent will be given at a rate of DA. Evi is called the central staff of about 30 per cent of their original salary account as dienam, will be 20 percent and 10 percent.


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