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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Akbar Birbal Story

Very intelligent Birbal, given the intellectual answer of Akbar's hard work

It is said that Birbal was also compassionate with being discreet.Always help the needy. Since Birbal had no shortage of riches, the prize he received from the empire would have divided the poor and the miserable people. As well as giving donations, Birbal was also anxious about the fact that the fraudulent person would not cheat by showing his poor poverty. One day, when a barbarian worshiper was coming out, a soldier turned in front of him and said, 'Pujuri diwan!' I and I have eight children, hungry for the past eight days.

The soldier in the garb of a poor person told Birbal that the Lord said that feeding the hungry is a very punitive work, I hope that you will receive some kind of charity for giving me some donation.Birbal saw that aamika from his head to his feet, in a moment, he recognized that he was not poor and had gone ahead without hearing. The person too went behind the Birbal. Birbal crossed the river and took it in his hand, and that person too tried to take the broken shoe of his feet.

Birbal said to the poor person that yes, in the scriptures he has written so many reasons to feed the hungry children that God has arranged his meal before birth and only gives milk in the mother's breast, because food also makes Lord God. It is also said that man is hungry, but hungry does not sleep After all these things, you are saying that you are hungry for eight days.
 All these situations should be done. I want to keep you and your family hungry, but I am a servant, if I fill the stomach, then God will be disappointed with me. I can not go against God and the king should understand that Birbal grabbed him.

 Birbal, Birbal, you are a hungry person disappointed and then sent him back on a big discussion on religion and karma. Birbal said, 'I sent a hypocrite back, not a hungry, but also learned that the hypocrite was making me a fool Akbar said, how do you know Birbal that pretends to be hungry?

Birbal said seeing his feet and shoes It is true that he changed the garb, but his foot shoes were precious Birbal said, even though he could get a slippers in Bhikhi.But his soft and smooth feet were not found in begging. By saying this so, Birbal said that he examined this man and realized that he does not have the habit of walking open and he is a poor person but he earns a good familyWhy is the king not able to speak, he is my special soldier, and in this way Birbal has shown shrewdness.

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