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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

One of the luxurious villages of Gujarat where Audi is standing at every home

Audi, a luxurious village in Gujarat, whose home is built at home

There are many villages in Gujarat, which contend with metro cities  a village that will be quite different from the image of the villages in your mind.
The rumor of the Affa village is 7 km away from Bardoli in South Gujarat. The village with an estimated population of two thousand is one of the highest quality. Seeing the villagers' bungalows, anyone's eyes widen. There are facilities in the village including from Peaver Road to Underground Wiring. More than 400 people of the village have settled abroad. NRI has a very big contribution in the development of the village. Occasionally or at the festival, NRIs do not have to pay homage to rural people by visiting the hometown. Changing the sickle of the village was started two years ago. 

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