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Monday, 26 June 2017

Know Why Mosuls Great Mosque of Al Nuri Mattered

Today is still intact, the mystery of this stooped sanctuary

Terrorist organization ISIS has demolished Iraqi historic al-Nouri mosque and blasted it. Iraq's Joint Operations Arch spokesman Yahya Rasaul told Rudo TV that the terrorists blew up the mosque before fleeing the city. This mosque has a drunken minar, which is known all over the world.

According to historians' claim, in 1172, the mosque was built by the Turkish ruler of Mosul, Noor al Din Mahmood Jangi, hence the mosque was named Nuri. 
- Nor is known for launching jihad against al-Din Crusade and collecting Muslims. 
Al Nur's name is associated with the mosque, but it is also known as tilted minar, whose arc is towards Mecca. 
However, historians claim that this builder was being built centuries before Paiyembaar Saheb Jannat.

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