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Friday, 30 June 2017

Know About Pankaj Pancholi Who Own Just Egg in England

Earning millions of dollars from waste makes purchases from these Gujarati, European countries

Gujaratis have been able to establish a number of big business abroad with their diligence and patience. Pankaj Pancholi, the Gujarati owner of the famous Frozen egg company of England, is one such. Pankaj Pancholi of village Gadat of Valsad was arrested in England after taking education in Gujarat. Pankajbhai, who went to England with Bachelor's degree in microbiology from Gujarat, initially worked as a laboratory technician in a company making wafers in 280 pounds (about 22 thousand) a month. After that, after working as a technical manager for 14 years in the egg factory, he owns a business worth Rs. 50 crore today by a company named Just Egg.

Egg cocoons also do recycling from earnings

After working in the 14-year-old egg factory in England, he has had good success in his business started in 2003. Today this Gujarati company supplies Frozen-Boiled Egg Products throughout England. Not only that. After boiling eggs, Gujarati Pankaj Pancholi, along with Leicester University, has done research to meet the cost of cocoon expenditure. Instead of spending 50 thousand pounds for the disposal of boiled egg coals, now they are earning even after recycling the coco by doing this research.

PM praises Narendra Modi as foreign minister

After buying boiled eggs from European countries like UK, Holland, Belgium, they make different types of products. Today, Pankaj Pancholi, who supplied the product of boiled eggs from super market to small business owners in England, spoke about the work of the Indian government in a conversation with Pankajbhai said that Modi government has not done any government after India's independence, the Modi government has worked in the mind of the common man. He is proud to be a Gujarati by listening to the praise of Narendra Modi as Gujarati Prime Minister abroad.

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