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Friday, 30 June 2017



When the center is going to come from midnight to Goods and Service Tax, which is going to be implemented in the form of unified tax in the country from July 1, all four slabs of GST will be 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% respectively. GST will be levied at such rates. It is to be mentioned that under this special program in the Midnight Parliament, GST will be implemented. For this, special GST concert has been organized.

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These things will look like 28 percent slab
Chocolate, Custard Powder, Instant Coffee
-Powder, Hair Dye, Hair Cream, Perfume, Screen Care Product
-Municior and Pidicious Products, Sunscreen Lotion
-Liquid Shop, Detergent, Shaving Cream, Razor, After Chev
-Electric Heater, Electric Hot Plate, Vacuum Cleaner, Dish Water
-TV, freeze, washing machine, leather items, wig
-Printer Xerox machine, fax machine
-The clock, the video game console
- Cement, pants, varnish, putty, plywood board
-Mica, tiles and ceramic products, steel pipes
-Plastic fitting and plastic floor coverings
- Aluminum window frame
-Installed Wire, Lamps, Light Fittings
18% slab on these items
-Suboo, Tooth Paste, Hair Oil
-Corn Flex
-Paper, cake, jam, jelly, ice cream
-Mineral Water
-cotton yellow
-Core Mattress
-Register, Account Book, Notebook, Eraser, Fountain Pen
-Nepkin, Tissue Paper, Toilet Paper
-Plastic things to do
-Camera, speaker, pipe, helmet, can, sheet
-Citicide, Refinery Cement
-Plastic tubes, pipes and household goods
-Byiodel, tube, pipe, nuts, bolt
-LBG stv
-Electric motor, generator
-Composition frames, goggles, optical fiber
-Children car
-Nicotine gum
-Mix Food, Soft Drinks
-Contact, Diabetic Food
Slide 12 percent on these items
-Mobile Phones
- Ghee, butter oil
Dry Fruit, Fruit and Vegetable Juice
-Soya Milk Juice, Soy Milk-Drink Drinks
-Compare, candle
Homeopathic medicines - Ayurvedic-Yunani and Sidhwa Homoeopathic medicines
-Procex and freshen beef-fish
-chachma lenses
-Pancil Blaster
-LED Lite
-Curmic items in bathroom and bathrooms
-Stainless copper and aluminum ware
-Electric vehicle, bicycle, bicycle parts
-Good equipment
ALSHO CHECK : Claim: More than one lakh new jobs will be created as soon as GST is implemented
0 percent slab on these items
-Grouse, rice, other grains, flour
-Mand, siten
-Dood, yogurt, lassi
-Khulu Paneer
-Inda, meat, fish
-Fresh fruit, vegetables
-Cunu, Bindi. Sindur, bracelet
-Back of leaf
- Stem paper, court paper
Letters, books, pencils, squares, slates, maps, Atlas
- Newsletter, Newsletter
- Lohi, listening machine
-Matty Mess, Handloom
Slab 5 percent on these items
-Food oil,
-Dood food for children
-Branded grains, branded flour, pakkinal paneer
-Mattai, sugar, tea-coffee
-fish fish
-Mix pastry, pizza bread, toast bread
-Prescose and frozen fruit, processed and frozen vegetables
-Rossi gas
-Living, nutmeg
-Stant, Blood Vaccine
Life-saving drugs
-Solar water heater
-Enter, clay tiles
-Collasa. Lignite
-Sickel and Rickshaw tires
-col gas
-TriSicycle, Lifeboat
Hauptatis Diagnosis Kit
-Drug formulation, wheelchair
-News Print, Brochure, Leaflet
-Rashanu Kerosene
- Renewable Energy Devices

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