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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Googles main Income source is advertising

The service that we think is free, earns 800 crores a year

Antarctic regulators of the European Union have recently imposed a fine of around Rs 17,400 crore on Google 's parent company Alphabet in search engine This has been put on the charge of compromise in the fine search results. This penalty has been put in place for mischief in search results. However, for a company like Google, the penalty amount is much lower than its revenue. Google offers its users a search, Gmail, hang out, and Google gives them Rs. Earns 800 crores This income is done through advertisements. When any user searches on Google, the ads associated with it appear to be automatically found on the search page. For this, Google takes a large amount from the advertiser company.
How Google Does Earnings
Google's main revenue source is advertising. Edwards and accessories are the main product for this. If a client wants to promote their business, they can do it by Edwards. If a publisher or blogger wants to earn money through advertising he can do it through Google Adsense. Google can make money by serving both of them. 

Google has written K-Words

Google has kept thousands of keywords like fat, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, methas, mobiles, and fever. When the user types any question or word connected to it, the ad is associated with the search result. Google will charge for it.
Google's possession of 80 search markets
Google is the world's largest search engine. Google had 63.9 percent share of the search market in 2015, which increased by 16 percent in one year to 80 percent now. Microsoft's search engine Bing is second and Yahoo is at number three.

Started in 1998
- Google started in September 4, 1998, in California. Larry Page Founder and Sergey Brinness are his co-founders. 
- Google is an American multinational company. Which is known for Internet related services and products. Which works for online advertising technology, search, cloud computing, software and hardware. 
- The company is in the head quarter Mountain View, California and the United States. The CEO of Google is a beautiful pitch of Indian origin. Since 2015, he is CEO of Googl

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